Student Jobs: Part-Time Jobs, Full-Time Jobs, Permanent Employment, Temporary Employment, Paid Internships

Students could find part-time jobs while studying such as in bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, or even in their universities as student jobs. After they graduate, they may find full-time jobs as career opportunities for e.g. in Hotels, Hospitals and international companies if they have a good knowledge of Turkish and English.

The recent developments of further integration of North Cyprus with the rest of the world have spurred the need for more working hands as well. The economy still runs on a free market structure and there is a need of a more delineated structure between private and government sectors. Therefore, it seems like more and more international graduates will be looking to stay and work in North Cyprus after they complete their studies finding both permanent employment and temporary employment and paid internships.

Infrastructure, construction and financial businesses are booming in North Cyprus and their main costumer portfolios are consisting of foreigners from countries like Russia, China, Middle East, Scandinavian and British Commonwealth nations. Therefore, graduates from North Cyprus universities that are residing in North Cyprus with fluent language skills are highly demanded source of employees for these companies.