AFFORDABLE ACCOMODATION: Dormitory, Flatshare, Rent a Flat


Many students prefer and are advised to stay at on-campus dormitory choices especially during their first couple of years in North Cyprus. The advantages of staying on-campus goes beyond safety and easy access to all that is provided on campus, it is also the ideal opportunity to meet new friends from over sixty different cultures from all over the world

  • Restaurants, some of which are open till late hours.
  • Indoor and outdoor sport facilities
  • Library facilities, some of which are open 24 hours.
  • Student centers
  • Activities of many different student clubs.

Staying on-campus also means travel will be one less thing to worry about. Regular shuttle services are available in all North Cyprus Universities.

Regardless, some students wish to live off-campus. For those who prefer to live off campus, many private dormitory and rental flats are available throughout all major cities such as Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta and Morphou. Prices for rental flats and private dormitory will vary depending on location and luxury of the place.


Increasing number of international students are choosing to flatshare with fellow international students. Social media platforms are good and rich sources of advertising and finding flatmates to share your home throughout your years in North Cyprus.

Cypriots are known for their hospitality and for their loving and caring hearts. Landlords are compassionate to their tenants when you would need any assistance with your flat. Cypriot neighbourhoods are safe and lively. Walking at night and inviting over friends to study or to enjoy some free time would be no problem.

 Rent a Flat

If desired, considerable amount of students also chooses to rent a flat for their private use. Flat rentals are mostly paid in British Pound (GBP). There is an economic boom in construction sector, therefore most of the available rentals are brand new buildings with new furniture.

In an average sense, a 3+1 apartment is around 300-400 GBP depending on location and size, while a 2+1 is around 200-300 GBP and a studio apartment is 150-200 GBP.  


Considering the booming economy of North Cyprus, and increasing amount of international investment, a lot of students consider locating in Cyprus after their studies as well. Therefore some of the international students often consider an investment property purchase for their future as well. It also helps the expats living in North Cyprus if they choose to pursue a long term resident visa and even citizenship.