Each institution’s application and registration process is more or less the same; the steps you will take during the application process and registration period are as follows;  

HOW TO APPLY: Online Application Form, Unconditional Acceptance Letter, Education Fee Payment, Conditional Acceptance Letter, Visa Application, Turkish Embassy

  • You will first apply to your desired University by sending your documents for evaluation. Online application form of each university is available with e-Register Cyprus in case you would require one. Once you finish completing your form together with your education consultant, your documents will be submitted by us and will be evaluated by the applied university. If everything goes according to your consultants plan, you will be accepted to your applied university and you will receive a Conditional Acceptance Letter.
  • On your conditional acceptance letter it will state the initial amount needed to be paid as your education fee payment for the first semester and any other requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to receive your Unconditional Acceptance Letter.
  • If need be; you will then start your visa application process. Keep in mind the University will provide the Turkish Embassy and yourself with any documents needed for this process, please consult with the Embassy before starting this process.

HOW TO REGİSTER: Flight Details, Airport Transfer, Academic Advisor, Course Registration, Student Resident Permit, Student Affairs

  • Make sure you inform the University about your flight details approximately 3 working days before your arrival to North Cyprus for your airport transfer organised by the University.
  • Upon arrival you will then need to register within the next couple of days, register at the accommodation halls if you are staying on campus and meet with your academic advisor for your course registration.
  • Once you are a registered student you will then need to start your Student Resident Permit process. You can obtain more information on this process from the Student Affairs Office.