IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS TO CARRY: Acceptance Letter, Invitation Letter, Passport Copies, Airline Ticket, Travel Insurance

Considering the important documents to carry during your travelling to Cyprus, be sure to have your acceptance letter from your University along with 1 or more copies of your passport, your airline ticket and an invitation letter for accompanying person if there is a family member coming with you to Cyprus.

It is not compulsory to have travel insurance in North Cyprus; however for your own comfort and security you are advised to take out insurance cover in your own country prior to departure.

You will need passport size photographs with you for your registration to the university and may need them for other uses as well, therefore, it will be convenient to have minimum of  6 photographs with you.

TRAVELLING TO CYPRUS: International Airports, Transit Visa, SIM Card, Currency

While travelling to Cyprus, we strongly advise that you arrange your flight via one of many international airports in Turkey to Ercan International Airport, North Cyprus (ECN). If you would consider, you can always contact your education consultant of e-Register Cyprus for the arrangement and purchase of the ticket for the best fares.

Check from the nearest Turkish Embassy if the transit visa is necessary or not as you will be travelling as a transit passenger via Turkey.

AC power plugs and sockets in North Cyprus are usually 3-pin (UK style) Therefore, you may wish to bring with you a 3 pin to 2-pin travel adaptor or you can purchase one here.

The currency in Northern Cyprus is the Turkish lira (TRY). Euro (€), Dollars ($ /USD) and British Pound (£/GBP) are also accepted and can easily be exchanged.

You can easily get a prepaid SIM card of local mobile operators upon arrival at North Cyprus Ercan Airport; both Wi-Fi and 3G are available.