Turkish Cypriots are Turkish-speaking, regard themselves as secular Muslims, and take pride in their Ottoman heritage. The Turkish Cypriot identity and culture is heavily based on family ties linked to parents, siblings, and relatives; ones in the neighborhood are also considered important as emphasis is given on helping those in need. Most of their lives revolve around social activities, and food is a central feature of gatherings. Folk dancing, music, and art are also integral parts of Turkish Cypriots’ culture.

For Turkish Cypriots, family life is of ultimate importance and therefore a great amount of their free time is spent at family gatherings. They are highly sociable and like to go out. All towns and some villages hold festivals, usually in the early summer. Festivals in North Cyprus have become extremely popular over the past few years, often featuring different cultural events. Most North Cyprus cultural events take place in historical locations such as Kyrenia Castle, Othello’s Tower, Bellapais Abbey, and the Salamis Amphitheater. During your education in North Cyprus, you will come across many of these social events; make sure you book your tickets early, and enjoy some excellent entertainment in magnificent surroundings.